Gel Cleansers: What Are They and How Do They Work?

The Skinsmith | 28th June 2022


From soothing problematic skin, to providing a deep and penetrative clean, refreshing your face with a gel cleanser is a daily routine recommended for all skin types. Here, we take a better look at gel cleansers and the many benefits they can offer.

What Are Gel Cleansers?

Gel cleansers for face care are used to gently remove dirt, sebum (or oil), dead skin cells, and other potentially damaging substances from the face which build up throughout the day. This is the most basic step in a skincare routine, and is usually undertaken once or twice a day, in the morning and at night.

A gel cleanser is a type of cleanser with a gel-like texture – as opposed to a foam or cream cleanser. When mixed with a little water and lathered, a gel cleanser produces soapy suds which are applied to the face for a penetrative yet delicate clean.

How Do Gel Cleansers Work?

This brief explanation of gel cleansers leads us to the next question – how do you apply gel cleansers, and how do they work?

Gel cleansers can be applied morning or night, or twice daily, to clean the face. For the best results, first rinse your face with warm water to open up the pores. A small amount of gel cleanser can then be lathered with some water in between your hands before being applied to the face in circular motions. You should start at the centre of the face and work outwards. Rinse your face with cold water, to seal off the now cleansed pores, or with micellar water or a toner. Then, pat your face dry with a soft towel.

Gel cleansers work by lifting dirt and oil from the surface of the skin and from deeper inside the pores, which are then washed away when the gel is rinsed off, leaving the skin perfectly refreshed!

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What Are the Key Benefits Behind Using Gel Cleansers?

There are many benefits to using a gel cleanser over other types of cleansers (such as a foam or cream cleanser) as well as over other cleaning methods, like soap and water or facial wipes.

A gel cleansers benefits include: helping to reduce and prevent acne, soothe and moisturise the skin, clear the skin of debris – and the best part is… they can do this for all skin types.

Help To Reduce and Prevent Acne

Gel cleansers for skin which is acne-prone provide a soothing cleanse whilst still removing damaging dirt, oil, and dead skin. Top gel cleansers may contain antiseptic ingredients, which treat bacterial acne, or organic ingredients which complement the skin rather than irritate it.

The soft and gel-like texture of gel cleansers are moreover compatible with acne-prone skin since they do not over-exfoliate the skin, which can damage the skin barrier further, and do not dry out the skin. Contrary to popular belief, over-stripping facial skin of oils can encourage the skin to overproduce oil, which can clog pores and cause more spots.

Soothes And Moisturises the Skin

Due to the consistency of gel cleansers for face care, they aren’t aggressive on the skin. Unlike an exfoliating cleanser, they don’t contain abrasive grains which can damage the skin barrier, and unlike harsher cleansers, they are not designed to strip the skin of its essential oils.

A gel cleanser is soothing to apply on the skin – it is soft, cool, and hydrating, causing little irritation to sensitive or problematic skin.

Top gel cleansers may contain natural ingredients and oils which are kind to the skin, rather than chemically cleaning it, which can potentially be damaging or harsh on some skin.

Gel Cleansers Are Suitable for A Range of Skin Types

Gel cleansers are so versatile they can be used on all skin types!

As explained above, gel cleansers provide a penetrative and effective cleanse of the skin, without over-stripping or damaging it. This makes them great for sensitive skin and oily skin alike. There are many gel cleansers available, too, making it even easier to find one which suitably targets a specific skin type.

However, Are Gel Cleansers Good for Combination Skin?

Combination skin is often tricky since it requires both moisturising of dry skin and the control of excess oil around the T-zone. Gel cleansers can be used on combination skin since they nourish areas of dry skin with their hydrating and soft texture, whilst thoroughly cleaning oilier areas. After cleansing, a moisturiser can then be used to top up any dryer patches on the face.

Whether you have normal, problematic, or combination skin, gel cleansers offer a gentle yet deeply cleansing wash of the face, leaving skin feeling refreshed and ready for another day!

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