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Celebrity Love

Eminence has a fan base full of stars...

Celebrities around the world love Eminence Organic Skin Care, and many have experienced and adored facial treatments from the company President, Boldijarre Koronczay.

All of our celebrity fans have found us on their own - through their makeup artist, esthetician or simply through word of mouth.

Celebrity Love Flyers

Cameron Diaz

...after a day at the beach says her fave is Eminence's liquid gold - Facial Recovery Oil - "a drop goes such a long way relieving any dryness in your skin from the sun and water ... just a drop on each cheek after a shower will do wonders.

Rita Ora

...used Eminence products to keep her complexion in tip top condition while on the set of Fifty Shade's Darker.

Mark Ruffalo

...specifically asks for Eminence products to be used and to use on all of his movie sets including the blockbuster hit Thor Ragnorak... amongst his top choices are the ever popular Stone Crop Gel Wash and Stone Crop Whip Moisturiser, Mark and his co star Chris Hemswoth wrote to personally thank Eminence for the products supplied on set.

Alicia Keyes

...noted her Eminence favourites include Clear Skin Probiotic Masque and Rosehip & Lemongass Repair Balm.

Channing Tatum

...writes his thanks to Eminence President Boldijarre Koronczay for the incredible facial and for introducing him to Eminence Organic products.

Hugh Jackman

...has also become an Eminence fan after using the products, he is a big fan of mineral sun protection especially as he comes from such a sunny climate as Australia.

Victoria Beckham

...states her travel bag essential is the award winning Facial Recovery Oil, it keeps her skin hydrated during flights.

Vanessa Williams

...her go to product is Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream - saying she is crazy about Eminence Organic products, she just loves this eye cream as it tightens and de-puffs under her eyes... and the cooling rollerball feels so refreshing.

Jennifer Lawrence

...her Eminence BFF is Bamboo Firming Fluid and she adores Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil to keep her skin radiant.

Frieda Pinto

...a fan of changing her products with the season, as it gets drier she loves the balancing and hydrating benefits of Facial Recovery Oil...the constant make up applications, then make up removal continually rubs at her complexion - Facial Recovery Oil heals, soothes and protects.

Romany Malco

...says "this is the dopest stuff he has ever put on his face", his blend is a couple of drops of Facial Recovery Oil mixed in with Stone Crop Whip Moisturiser - "the only reason he says he is consistent with it is because the results are that obvious, it really does seem to moisturize and replenish my face, and I'm one of those dudes when I get tired my face just sags."

Jason Lewis

...from Sex & The City, loves Eminence because all the products are natural and feed the skin.


...everything they make smells like food! - a toning serum that smells like raspberry ... that's really good.

Jeff Goldblum

...became an Eminence fan after working with Mark Ruffalo on Thor Ragnorak, amongst Jeff's popular choices were the Biodynamic organic products.

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