How it all Started

For centuries, the rich and famous and European royalty travelled to Hungary to "take the waters" because of the legendary healing properties of the thermal springs and the rejuvenating properties of Hungarian skincare techniques.

Being blessed with fertile soil and a climate that makes for optimum conditions to produce potent and effective herbal skincare, Hungary has long been the best skincare "secret" around.

The roots of Éminence Organic Skincare began in Hungary more than 60 years ago. Family knowledge of the beneficial properties of fruits, herbs and spices spanned several generations. This unique awareness of medicinal plants has been enhanced with the latest skincare innovations,
to produce a range that is true to both organic enthusiasts and results-oriented clients.

Still today, the precious ingredients are hand-picked and hand-made in small batches, without harsh chemicals, parabens, mineral oils, dyes or perfumes.

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