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The Skinsmith

I first discovered Eminence whilst managing a resort spa in Ontario, Canada... what amazed me most about this product line was the loyalty to the brand from both therapists and clients.... it seemed to me that once you had found Eminence you just didn't want to use anything else!

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I'd never seen this with any other brand in all my years as a therapist and once I tried it I knew why. Nothing comes close to Eminence, it delivers everything you need and expect from a leading skincare product line...

From the gorgeous scents, textures & colours that make it such an experiencial line - to the healthy organic ingredients that deliver truly visible improvements in your skin.

I love how Eminence embodies its Hungarian roots, utilising it's traditional herbal craftsmanship & marrying it perfectly with modern skincare technology. You get to enjoy the healthy benefits of the potent organic ingredients jammed into every jar. The concentration of active ingredients enables these products to work dramatically and did you know - water is not the first ingredient!  You get incredible value for money as you aren't paying for water, a little goes a long way & delivers the results you want.

It's funny how life leads you at times isn't it? When my husband and I decided to return back to the UK I was introduced to Tracy who owned The Skinsmith. We got on really well and I became a brand ambassador and training specialist for her and I loved it... I got to talk about this fantastic product line all day with like minded therapists and customers, I learnt all about the benefits of the potent organic ingredients and how they change your skin for the better. I learnt how important it is to not only eat healthy and be active but it is just as important to be aware of what you put on your body ...not just in your body!

One day Tracy said she was ready to retire and would I be interested in owning The Skinsmith.... well what can I say I just couldn't believe my luck - YES was my answer... and so my husband and I embarked on the journey of becoming the new owners of this successful distribution company. We love it... we get to continue to share our passion for healthy skincare with others and I still get to talk about Eminence all day!

And what still amazes me is how the loyalty to this brand is still as strong as ever... Oh and of course for every product you purchase Eminence will plant a tree through the Forests for the Future program so you get to do a good thing & don't even break a sweat!

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