Foam Cleansers: The Full Expert Guide

The Skinsmith | 27th May 2022

Foam Cleansers

What Are Foam Cleansers?

If you’re wondering “what are foam cleansers?” then carry on reading. Our comprehensive guide looks at what exactly foam cleansers are, the right cleanser for your skin, and the benefits of using foam cleansers…

Foam cleansers are a great first step in your essential skincare routine. But what do foam cleansers do? Gently cleaning the face, foam cleansers provide a squeaky-clean base for your skin by removing dirt and other impurities, allowing for the rest of your skincare products to take full effect, or for make up to sit on a clear and smooth base. Foam cleansers are a great, effective and gentle cleansing alternative when looking to thoroughly clean your skin without stripping it of its essential barriers.

Unlike a gel or cream cleanser, a foam cleanser is lathered with water into a lightweight, bubbly substance which can be gently rubbed in circles over the face. Foaming cleansers can be used both day and night, for twenty to thirty seconds, before being washed away with water. Then, simply pat your skin dry for the best results!

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Are Foaming Cleansers Suitable for Your Skin Type?

Foaming cleansers can be used on all skin types. It’s worthwhile checking the ingredient list, however, to make sure the cleanser you use is compatible with your skin type for the most effective cleansing routine.

Are Foam Cleansers Good for Oily Skin?

Yes, foam cleansers are great for oily skin. Foaming cleansers contain surfactants which target excess oil, or sebum, when applied to the face – removing excess oil better than a milky or cream cleanser would. Since it is a lightweight substance, it also does not leave a creamy or heavy texture on the skin after use, like a milky or cream cleanser might, leaving naturally oily skin refreshed and bright!

Are Foam Cleansers Good for Dry Skin?

If not used properly, foam cleansers can dry out the skin since some cleansers are built to target a build-up of sebum. However, gentler formulas have been created for dry skin (often containing moisturising ingredients such as sunflower oil or shea butter) which leave essential moisture in the skin after cleansing. If you suffer from dry skin, it’s best to look out for this type of cleanser.

Foam cleansers can be followed up with a heavier moisturiser for dry skin in order to lock in moisture and prevent your skin from drying out throughout the day. Similarly, cleansers can target the excess oil in combination skin, and can be followed up with an oil-free moisturiser to soothe dry areas with a lighter texture.

Foaming Cleansers: Are They Good for Acne-Prone Skin?

Foam cleansers for acne prone skin can effectively target acne and soothe irritated and inflamed skin. Foaming cleansers don’t leave a heavy residue on the skin, and can penetrate deep into the skin’s pores to target oil build-up and remove dirt, making them great for acne-prone skin. Plus, foam cleansers with anti-inflammatory or anti-bacterial ingredients further soothe vulnerable skin.

The Benefits of Using Foam Cleansers

Foam cleansers can be kind to all skin types and offer even more benefits when used correctly. These include being gentle yet thorough on the skin, removing makeup, and penetrating deep into pores, amongst other things…

Foam Cleansers Are Easier on Your Skin

Foam cleansers act much like a soap in that they remove dirt from your skin, leaving it clean, bright, and refreshed. However, many soaps are unsuitable for facial skin and can be irritating. Foam cleansers are made for application on the face, and many users find them much gentler on the skin because of this – restoring a natural balance essential for happy and healthy skin. Cleansers which use organic or natural ingredients can be even more gentle on sensitive skin, exfoliating even the most sensitive skin gently.

An Ideal Solution for Removing Makeup

Foam cleansers can be used both day and night, making them a great solution for removing makeup without using harsh tonics or environmentally unfriendly wipes. Leaving makeup on the skin overnight can clog pores, which can often increase natural oil production and potentially cause imperfections.

Foaming cleansers remove makeup without stripping or over-exfoliating the skin, whilst removing all traces of makeup for a clean and refreshed face in the morning.

Foam Cleansers Reach Further into Pores

Foam cleansers penetrate deeper into pores to remove dirt and excess sebum, without irritating or damaging the skin.
The foam is massaged into the skin, allowing the foam particles to reach deep into your pores. The particles bind to oil and dirt, and when washed off, remove this build-up from the skin.

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