Acne Skincare: 3 Must Try Products

The Skinsmith | 27th October 2021

Acne Skincare

Acne can be a persistent problem for many of us, from the odd breakout to moderate or severe acne on the face, chest, back or even arms.

Following a simple 3-step daily routine can help to produce visible results in the treatment, healing and prevention of acne spots. You should incorporate this tried and tested method 1 to 3 times every day to see changes in your skin and improvements in your acne breakouts.

The 3-Step Routine Is Simply To:

  • Cleanse
  • Treat
  • Hydrate

Acne care products are formulated to work together to produce visible results, lets explore why you should follow these 3-steps.

Step 1: Cleanse

A clean skin will reduce the severity and frequency of acne as cleansing will remove dirt, oils, impurities, bacteria and products used on the skin such as sun protection products and make-up.

Usually, you should cleanse in the morning to prep your skin for the day ahead and at night to remove all of the above! You need to use a gentle cleanser formulated for your skin type that will also leave your skin hydrated and not strip away vital oils needed for a healthy complexion. Some acne products for dry skin types can be too harsh and actually leave your skin over dry, leading to inflammation and sensitivity. A good cleanser will balance oil production, clean out your pores, remove impurities and the bacteria that can cause acne - propionibacterium acnes.

Oil based cleansers can be great acne products for oily skin as they will remove excess oils but leave a protective layer on the skin, they will hydrate your skin and leave a soothed, calmer looking complexion.

Step 2: Treat

To see faster improvements in acne and problematic skin you should treat your skin with, or to a face mask. Face masks are formulated to infuse the skin with concentrated healing ingredients that will help to prevent and treat breakouts. Acne care masks are often clay based masks with clays such as kaolin clay, red kaolin and montmorillonite clay . These ingredients will draw out impurities, absorb excess oils and help to restore clarity to your complexion.

You should also look for cleansers and masques that contain salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid that helps to remove the build up of dead skin and helps clean out pores. Dead skin mixed with excess oils can be one of the causes of blocked pores and blackheads. Salicylic acid can be irritating to the skin and you should be careful when you use it. Eminence uses a botanical salicylic acid from willow bark, it is encapsulated in natural lipids making it a much gentler option that is very effective but doesn’t cause irritation or redness. When you are using acne products for sensitive skin you should be very careful to ensure they do not irritate the skin further or cause dehydration which can also increase sensitivity in your skin.

Step 3: Hydrate

More often than not you will find that someone suffering from acne also has an oily skin type as they tend to go hand in hand. However, you will also find that most oily skins with acne are also suffering from dehydration which can lead to increased redness and inflammation. We tend to find when a person has acne, they generally avoid moisturisers as they feel their skin is already oily enough! They are technically correct as they are producing lots of oil but they can be stripping the skin with harsh acne care products or it could be that they are not producing enough water in their skin to hydrate it properly.

Our skin produces both water and lipids or oils and we need both to keep our skin supple, moisturised and hydrated. Look for a lightweight moisturiser that is non-comedogenic and designed for acne skin types. They will often be mattifying in appearance and help to balance your oil production, calm acne breakouts and when you find the right acne skincare moisturiser, you will find it will gently hydrate and soothe your skin too.

Eminence has put together the perfect solution for acne in their Acne Advanced Treatment System. This bundle of acne care products incorporates all 3-steps at a bundle price. With simple to follow instructions, you can see visible results in as little as 28 days!

Of course, there are more steps that you can include for even faster and better results such as gentle exfoliation and concentrated serums to target problem areas more specifically. You can incorporate weekly professional treatments to boost the results of your home care routine, find your nearest skincare expert via our salon and spa locator.

With a regular daily routine, you can help to prevent and reduce the frequency of breakouts, you can help to treat acne scarring and pigmentation by making the right acne care product choices. Don’t wait to find the products that will work best for your skin, visit our website to see the range of organic and vegan acne skincare products that could change your skin for good!

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