Charcoal & Black Seed Clarifying Oil

A balancing light-weight facial oil for all skin types with congestion, in particular oily and combination skins.


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This silky facial oil with activated charcoal and black seed oil balances excess sebum, visibly improves congestion and soothes occasional redness in the skin. Pore friendly ingredients, rich in antioxidants and fatty acids leave the skin clarified and hydrated. A non-comedogenic facial oil suitable for all skin types, including oily and combination.


Size: 30ml

Product Type

Skin Type / Concern


Shake well before application. Dispense 2-3 drops of facial oil into palms and apply to face and neck in circular massage movements. Leave on. Can be applied underneath a moisturiser.

  • Ilite Clay: an olive-green clay with potent absorbing properties for drawing out impurities from the skin
  • Activated Charcoal: an ultra fine, black powder from the charcoal of oak wood. It is very efficient at drawing out impurities from the skin such as; dirt, debris and oil, leaving skin detoxified and balanced
  • Black Seed Oil: a polyunsaturated oil, high in omega fatty acids, linoleic and oleic acids and antioxidants, from the seeds of the Nigella Sativa plant (also known as black cumin, kalonji or nigella). Helps reduce sebum production and blemishes resulting in clearer pores and reduced dark spots
  • Cica Oil: a protective hydrating oil from the cica plant. Helps to reverse the signs of ageing and improves skin tone
  • Immortelle Oil: also known as Italian Strawflower Oil, is rich in beneficial botanical compounds and high in antioxidants, which help to soothe the skin with anti-inflammatory properties
  • Moringa Oil: an emollient high in oleic fatty acids and antioxidants to even skin tone, sooth redness and irritation and hydrate the skin for a healthier appearance
  • Squalane: an emollient from plant sugars it helps prevent moisture loss
  • The appearance of blemishes and dark spots is reduced
  • Redness and inflammation are soothed
  • Excess oil and sebum are absorbed to leave a more balanced appearance to the skin
  • Skin is left moisturised and nourished with a softer texture


  • 93% agree the product restored moisture to their skin while helping it appear less oil*
  • 81% agree there is a reduction in the appearance of visibly congested pores*
  • 71% agree there is a reduction in the look of dark spots and visible blemishes on the skin*

*in vivo study after 28 days