The Value of Using the Skinsmith Within Your Daily Skincare Routine

The Skinsmith | 7th October 2021

Skincare routine

With so many skincare products and options available it can be hard to decide which brand is perfect for you and your skin!
You may be asking yourself why would you choose The Skinsmith and Eminence Organic Skincare as your choice for your skincare routine products. In this blog, we want to show you why Eminence is so effective and popular and why our customers have become long-lasting, loyal customers with us.

Eminence Products Contain 85-95% Active Ingredients

Ok what exactly is an active ingredient I hear you ask? These ingredients are where the magic is at! They are powerful and potent and include ingredients such as; vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, peptides, collagen, hyaluronic acid and retinol to name but a few. They work hard in the skin increasing circulation, boosting collagen, promoting cell renewal etc. and will actively make a difference, improving the condition, feel and look of your skin.

The lower the percentage of active ingredients the lower the potency of your products. Look for products that do not have water or aqua as their first ingredient as this could easily mean 50% of your product is water! Now, do you really want to be paying for water in your products! Ingredients are also listed by quantity with the highest amounts listed first, all the way down to the last ingredient being the least amount. Almost every ingredient in every Eminence product is working hard to change your skin for the better, so you may see instant visible results or even feel our products working when you use them.


Another challenge in finding the right skincare products for your skincare routine can be the misleading way words such as natural, fresh, botanical and organic are used. Make sure you know what you are using on your skin especially if you have skin concerns that you want to treat. If you think you are using a “natural” skincare product for let’s say your sensitive skincare routine, make sure it actually does contain natural ingredients that will soothe and calm your skin and not harsh chemicals that may irritate your skin. Make sure it is what is says on the package! The best way to ensure you are getting what you want is to look for accreditations and even skincare product reviews.

  • Rest assured as Eminence is a certified skincare brand with the following globally recognised certifications:
    Demeter Hungarian Bio-Dynamic Organic Certification
  • USDA Certification
  • Organic Trade Association Member
  • Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free Certified


Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eminence is a green company and works hard to be carbon neutral and eco-friendly. When you use Eminence skincare routine products you are taking advantage of our commitment towards carbon-neutral packaging, manufacturing and farming. We use recycled plastic, paper, cardboard which are all recyclable again once used! Our packing chips are biodegradable and we look for companies that also work hard at reducing their carbon footprint.

Supporting Charities

Eminence is a B Corporation certified company – this means they are a company that uses the power of business to do good things and one of those is supporting charities and local communities. Eminence has its own “Kids Foundation” which provides fresh organic fruit, vegetables and meals to children in hospital undergoing therapy and treatment for various illnesses. Providing these powerful nutritious meals goes a long way in helping many children with their healing, treatment and overall health. Eminence believes a healthy body comes from what we feed it both inside and out!

Eminence also plants a tree for every single retail product that you purchase from us. As of Sept 2021, over 18 million trees have been planted in 22 countries through the Forests for the Future program. So not only are you buying a product that is healthy for you, actively improves your skin and is working to be carbon neutral but you are also planting a tree which helps local families and communities in developing countries.

With so many reasons to choose Eminence Organic Skincare – why don’t you “plant a tree” today and try one of our skincare products!

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