The Truth Behind “Beauty Sleep”!

There is truth behind the term "beauty sleep" as your skin goes into overdrive repairing and renewing itself whilst you sleep...

Whilst you are sleeping your body is actually working hard.... Your skin is busy repairing and renewing itself making it the perfect time to take advantage of these processes and get enhanced benefits from your skin care routine.

So let's look at why it is so important to  incorporate a simple night time routine every day for healthier skin.

Firstly your skins regenerative processes increase, enhancing your bodies ability to fight free radical damage that has occurred from environmental stressors such as UV, pollutants and toxins. Melatonin production intensifies counteracting the negative effects of UV. The Human Growth Hormone peaks aiding the repairing and renewing processes within the skin. Your body's stem cells reproduce, increasing cell turnover and renewing skin cells with healthier newer cells much faster than it does during the day. Most of these vital reparative processes happen at anytime while you sleep, but are more productive during REM sleep.

Another benefit of using skin care products before bed is they become more effective and beneficial. Our body temperature rises during sleep, increasing circulation and inner healing whilst allowing our skin to become more permeable soaking up the ingredients that actively improve your skin. StyleCraze says "any product that you use at night will be much more effective at hydrating the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and brightening your skin tone". #styelcrazebeauty.

Your skin is constantly losing moisture but did you know this "Trans Epidermal Water Loss" (TEWL) doubles at night? This means your skin becomes much drier during your sleep as vital moisture passes through the epidermis into the atmosphere. Leaving you with dry, dehydrated skin in the morning. Applying a deeply hydrating replenishing night cream will help to protect your skins barrier function and prevent the loss of moisture from your skin.

During sleep is the best time to fight the signs and effects of ageing, especially those caused by free radical damage from UV, pollution, diet, lifestyle and inflammation. At night your metabolic rate decreases meaning you do not produce as many free radicals as you do while you are awake, this gives your skin a chance to focus on repair and recovery. Using products that are full of antioxidants improves the recovery process repairing the damage caused by those pesky free radicals.

It is also a great time to target specific skin concerns, treating such issues as breakouts and problematic skins, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tones and of course the signs of ageing. Using products that treat and improve skin concerns at night can give you faster results than just using products during the day. Look for products that are formulated for use at night as they will enhance the benefits of your bodies natural reparative processes and may contain sleep inducing ingredients such as lavender or chamomile.

Although your normal daily routine is vital for healthy, vibrant, youthful looking skin I think you would agree that the application of a few products just before bedtime will enhance those benefits and improve your skin faster.