Kombucha Microbiome Balancing Essence

A gentle balancing essence, with pre, pro and postbiotics to help maintain skin’s microbiome. Suitable for all skin types.


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Restore skin to its natural balance with this nourishing essence containing white tea and jasmine flower. Enriched pre, pro and postbiotics soothe dry skin, enhance skins luminosity and brightens a dull complexion.

Size: 120ml

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Skin Type / Concern

Shake a few drops into your palm, warm in your hands and gently press into the face. Leave on.  Apply after cleansing before your serums and oils.

  • Prebiotic (Inulin): A substrate (fuel) that stimulates growth and activity that is enforced by host microorganisms.
  • Kombucha Ferment (Postbiotic): From fermented Black Tea, rich in Postbiotics to nourish skins microbiota resulting in smoother more luminous skin.
  • Probiotic (Lactococcus Ferment Lysate)*: Boosts the action of repairing dry skin and maintaining healthy-looking skin, balances the skins microbiota.
  • White Tea: Rich in antioxidants to counter skin dullness and encourage a healthy glow.
  • Jasmine Flower: Redness is reduced and dry skin soothed for a more even skin tone.

*Does not contain live cultures

  • Helps maintain the skin’s natural balance after cleansing.
  • Maintains the skin’s natural microbiome with pre, pro* and postbiotics.
  • Primes skin for further treatment.
  • Leaves skin hydrated and nourished.

* Does not contain live cultures