Reveal Your Skin Type…

Discover your skin type with this easy 3-Step Test.


The person who knows your skin best is you! However, not all of us know it as well as we would like and understanding your specific skin type helps you to determine the best solutions and treatments to enable you to get the best from your beloved skin... Did you know your skin type is something you are born with and determined by your genetic make-up!

Find out more about your skin type and how to identify it with this easy 3-step test below -

Follow these steps to determine your individual skin type-

1) Cleanse Skin & Wait 1 Hour

2) Blot Skin With A Tissue

3) Analyse Results


COMFORTABLE                                            TIGHT 

> Is there residue on the tissue?                        > Is it itchy or inflamed?

YES                          NO                                          YES                     NO

> NORMAL     > Do your cheeks feel tight?           > DRY             > SENSITIVE

                     YES                         NO

                 > OILY                   > COMBINATION


3-Step Skin Type Test

  • Step 1
    • Wash your face with your favourite cleanser, then leave it alone with no other products applied for 1 hour
    • Take note of how your skin is feeling -
    • Is it tight, normal, comfortable, is it comfortable in the T-zone and tight on the cheeks?
  • Step 2
    • With a clean tissue, gently pat your skin on the T-zone, forehead and cheeks
  • Step 3
    • How does your skin feel?

A - Comfortable all over with no residue on the tissue

B - Comfortable all over with residue on the tissue

C - Comfortable in T-zone, tight on cheeks with residue on the tissue

D - Tight all over with no residue on tissue

E - Tight, itchy, inflamed, residue may or may not be left on tissue



Your skin is healthy and perfectly balanced, just the right amount of moisture, hydration and oil production. Your skin feels soft and smooth textured.

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Your sebaceous glands are working hard! But a bit too hard producing too much oil. Resulting in enlarged pores, breakouts and a shiny appearance to your complexion.

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One of the trickiest skin types to treat as you will often have overactive oil glands on the forehead, nose and chin (T-zone area) with normal or drier cheeks. A dual personality skin!

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Dry skins do not produce enough natural "oils" or lipids to moisturise and protect your skin. Dry skin can feel more sensitive and may have areas of flakiness, your pores will often appear smaller and your complexion may look dull.

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Sensitive skin can have a variety of different "symptoms", however it is usually irritated, inflamed and red. It easily reacts to environmental factors, lifestyle choices and chemical ingredients.  This skin needs a little TLC.

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As you can see knowing your skin type is  important to help you choose the correct products for your skin and achieve the best results possible.

There are times when skin types and skin conditions are mistaken for each other. this can lead to product misuse and the potential to cause other concerns in your are some common areas of mistaken identity! -


Dry skin is a skin type, dehydrated skin is a skin condition. Dry skin does not produce enough lipids whereas Dehydration is a lack of water. It is possible to have both a skin type and condition. In this case dry skins lack of protection from the lipid barrier can allow water to evaporate from the skin, becoming dehydrated also.

It is important to recognise they are 2 different concerns, dehydration is temporary and can be fixed with topically applied hydrating products and altering lifestyle, environment and diet to increase hydration in the skin. Dry skin is permanent, you are born with it, however it can be improved with moisturising products and treatments.


When your skin is red and feels tender or irritated, it must be sensitive - right? Not always...your skin can become sensitive not because it is a sensitive skin type but because of the products you are using on it! Products that contain harsh chemicals, retinols or daily exfoliators can lead to over  exfoliation of the skin and also irritation. Some acne products can be very powerful and if used too often can mimic sensitivity by causing irritation and inflammation.

Discovering your skin type and recognising skin conditions enables you to make more informed decisions on how to best treat your skin. Invest in a treatment with an Eminence Expert for more advice on how Eminence can improve your skin and produce dramatic healthy results just for you.










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