Organic & Vegan Skincare 101: Everything You Need for A More Natural Skin Routine

The Skinsmith | 10th August 2021

Organic And Vegan Skincare

Many of us are opting for an organic, vegan lifestyle to improve our health, wellness, aging and skin. Searches online for vegan skincare UK and organic skincare UK has increased as we look to learn more about this healthier lifestyle. The decision to eat an organic vegan diet naturally leads to the desire to look for other organic vegan options including skincare. The challenge for many is finding a “true” or certified organic skincare brand or vegan skincare brand that is effective at treating skincare concerns as well.

So, what exactly is Vegan and Organic Skincare?

We know it’s healthier, made from natural, plant-based ingredients but what is the difference and what should you look for?

Vegan Skincare and Organic Skincare is quite simply products designed for the face and body that are formulated with botanically sourced active ingredients.

Organic skincare is made from natural, botanical (plant-derived) ingredients grown on an organic farm that follows organic farming methods. They avoid the use of pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilisers and only use botanicals that have not been tampered with or genetically modified, they are as mother nature intended them to be! Look for products that do not contain Phthalates, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulphates or other controversial chemicals.

Vegan skincare will avoid ingredients sourced from animals and animal by-products. Some common examples of animal-derived ingredients found in skincare and cosmetics include; Lanolin, Gelatin, Beeswax, Honey, Bovine Collagen, Carmine, Animal Sourced Squalene, Keratin and Cholesterol.

Vegan skincare can also include organic ingredients and will therefore be classed as organic vegan skincare.

Benefits Of Choosing Organic and Vegan Skincare Products

As a rule, organic and vegan products only use ingredients from sustainable sources, their packaging is usually recycled and in some cases is recyclable again once used, ethical printing methods with vegetable inks may also be utilised in their packaging and marketing materials. This makes this choice of skincare an eco-friendlier option as their ingredients break down harmlessly to organic components. Organic vegan skincare companies often follow eco-friendly practices, Eminence Organic Skincare for example plants a tree for every product sold, therefore every time you purchase an Eminence product you are planting a tree and don’t even break a sweat!

What To Look Out for When Choosing Organic and Vegan Products

You should ensure your organic and especially your vegan skincare brand is also cruelty-free, as this is not always the case! Cruelty free by definition means they do not test on animals, whilst vegan means they do not contain animal derivatives, unfortunately, these don’t always go hand in hand!

Read your labels and ingredients carefully and look for certifications to make sure the brand you choose is genuinely organic and vegan.

Look for “chemical-free” products to reduce the amount of chemicals you are exposed to daily. Applying products with controversial chemicals and animal by products which are absorbed into the body, expose us to additional toxins which can lead to sensitivity, inflammation and illness.

I’m Not Vegan – Why Should I Use Organic Vegan Skincare?

You don’t have to be into an organic or vegan lifestyle to use this type of skincare, it is a healthier choice for everyone as the products are gentler on the skin, often containing ingredients that are higher in nutrients, polyphenols, vitamins, antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients. The natural plant-based formulations synthesise better with your body, they are less irritating, non-toxic and of course kinder to animals and the plant! What more can you want from your skincare?

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