Maskne 101

As we all get used to the new normal of wearing our face masks,

here are some tips on protecting your skin from the challenges wearing a mask has on your complexion.....



The past few months have seen many ups and downs with the global pandemic of Coronavirus and although lockdown restrictions are slowly lifting in the UK, another change that has been made is the mandatory use of face coverings on public transport and retail stores.

Despite offering a vital first defense against airborne bacteria, they come with their own set of problems. Feedback from frontline workers and others who’ve been wearing face masks throughout lockdown, is that repeated use can cause unwanted skin flare-ups. We’ve even seen the coining of a new term: “maskne”, where wearing face masks have led to an increase in acne breakouts and other issues.

The good news is - there are steps you can take to prevent irritation and breakouts.                              Here’s our quick-step guide to help prevent Maskne:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before donning your mask.


  • Cleanse your face twice daily – morning and evening to remove dirt and bacteria.

If your skin is oily/acne-prone then go for a foamy cleanser like Acne Advanced cleansing Foam.

If it's dry/irritated/sensitive then opt for a cream cleanser like Calm Skin Chamomile Cleanser.


  • Avoid harsh exfoliation which can further aggravate the skins surface. We suggest an alternative form of exfoliation with one of our Exfoliating Peels – formulated with alpha hydroxy acids and natural active ingredients, they gently smooth the skin without irritation.



  • You still need to hydrate with an oil or moisturiser, but you don’t need to overload on under mask areas. Facial Recovery Oil is a fast-absorbing, nutrient-rich oil, which will work day and night to keep skin nourished and will help create a barrier between skin and mask.


  • Avoid wearing heavy make-up or foundation underneath the mask as it may have the potential to lead to breakouts. A good compromise is to wear a tinted SPF that will give you a healthy glow but won’t contribute to maskne.
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