How to Manage the Effects of Combination Skin?

The Skinsmith | 13th January 2022

Combination Skin

What Are the Effects of Combination Skin?

Combination skin is probably one of the most common skin types, where we see a mix of both oily and dry skin on the same persons face. If you have combination skin you literally have 2 different skin types in different areas of your face. Typically, your skin is oilier in the T-zone across the forehead and down the nose and drier in the U-zone across the chin and up the cheeks.

Here are some common indicators that you have a combination skin:

  • Your skin is both oily and dry
  • You may get the odd spot or pimple whilst you have dryness as well
  • Your pores may be larger on your forehead, nose and chin
  • You may find your skin produces more oil in the warmer summer months and has a drier, tighter feeling in the cooler winter months

The effects of having a combination skin can mean that you may need to treat these different areas with different products. You may choose to use products that balance oil production and remove impurities on the oilier areas of your skin and products that moisturise, soothe and hydrate on the drier areas of your skin.

Having said that though, you don’t necessarily need two sets of products for your daily routine, as there are some great products that are formulated specially to treat combination skins. We would recommend using different face masques and serums when caring for combination skin, as they will provide more effective results if you opt for an oily plus a dry skin masque and serum.

Combination Skincare Products to Try


A good cleanser is an important step in your routine and cleansing both in the morning and at night will give you optimal results. The best face wash for combination skin is one that both hydrates and deeply cleanses to help remove impurities and minimise pores.

When looking for the best cleanser for combination skin Eminence has a great choice for all skin types including younger and more mature skins.

A few of our favourite cleansers for combination skin include:

  • Eminence’s Monoi Age Corrective Exfoliating Cleanser – a gentle exfoliating cleanser that you can use daily. Contains Natural Retinol Alternative to lift and firm the skin. Monoi gently soothes and hydrates whilst Natural Fruit Acids and Enzymes remove dry skin and surface impurities.
  • Eminence’s Wildflower Cleansing Balm – this transformative cleansing balm can be used as a cleansing oil without dilution or transformed into a cleansing milk when emulsified with water. Deeply cleanses and hydrates and balances oil production. Ideal for a drier combination skin type.
  • Eminence’s Stone Crop Gel Wash – a gentle face wash which is perfect for combination skin. Stone Crop is from the same family as Aloe – it is succulent plant that has intense hydrating and healing properties. Balancing oil production and helping to keep pimples at bay this face wash is a great choice for an oilier combination skin type.


Exfoliating Facial Masks

Exfoliation is another important step in caring for combination skin. Combine an exfoliator with a face masque to achieve deeper results. Use an exfoliating masque 2-3 times per week, Eminence’s Rosehip & Maize Exfoliating Masque tops our list of favourites for combination skin. Gentle Maize Flour will remove excess dry skin cells and impurities for a deep clean feel, whilst Honey and Zinc Oxide nourish, moisturise and soothe the skin.

For a warm, “spicy” treat opt for Eminence’s Turmeric Energizing Treatment. This 3-In-1 treatment, exfoliant, masque is perfect for all skin types including combination. Turmeric and Zeolite work together to increase your circulation, giving a warm sensation when this masque is on. They will visibly brighten and energize the skin. Kaolin Clay will remove impurities along with Citrine Gemstones recharging and stimulating new cell production.

Choose an Alcohol-Free Toner!

Look for a toner that does not contain alcohol as this will strip your skin of vital lipids and leave it feeling dry and sensitive. All of Eminence’s Toniques and Mists are alcohol free, they are formulated to treat and hydrate the skin. Plant juices and thermal spring water bring antioxidant, healing properties that nourish the skin and infuse the skin with vital minerals.

For combination skin we love Lime Refresh Tonique and Mangosteen Revitalising Mist. Both “toners” will hydrate your skin whilst balancing oil production and helping to minimise pores. You can use any of Eminence’s Toniques and Mist throughout the day. Simply spritz your skin with 2-4 sprays from the spritz bottle to refresh and hydrate your skin and lift your mood!

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