How the Skinsmith’s Customers are Helping to Make the World a Better Place

The Skinsmith | 14th October 2021


How do you fancy planting a tree without getting your fingers dirty? Or perhaps you’d like to feed a sick child in the hospital a healthy organic meal without chopping a single vegetable? Well through your purchases as a loyal Skinsmith customer you are doing just that, and much more!

Eminence is a proud supporter of many environmental initiatives to make sure they are as green as can be! When you use Eminence skincare products you are not only experiencing healthy, effective results that can visibly change your skin, but you are helping the planet and local charities and communities as well.

Going Green and Carbon Neutral

One of our favourite colours is green and being a green company, we continue to look for ways to be greener! We use eco-friendly packaging in all of our body care and skincare products with recycled paper and plastics that are recyclable again once used.

Our product labels, boxes and printed materials are all printed with non-toxic vegetable inks.

By utilising carbon neutral packaging methods which include lightweight bio-degradable packing chips, recycled cardboard and green transportation methods we are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint.
Ingredients are grown with organic and bio-dynamic organic farming which uses natural composts for planting and harvesting and farming methods that reduce our overall CO2 emissions.

Supporting Charities

Eminence supports many local charities and also has its own Kids Foundation; supplying fresh organic fruits, vegetables and meals to children that are in hospital undergoing treatment for illnesses such as cancer. These healthy meals provide vital nutrients and antioxidants to help give these kids a better chance with their treatments, healing and overall health.

Forests for the Future

Eminence proudly supports the Forests for the Future program, planting a tree for every single retail product sold. Since supporting Forests for the Future Eminence has helped to plant over 18 million trees to date: in over 22 different countries across the globe (as of 09/2021). Hardwood trees and fruit or nut bearing trees are planted to support local communities and families grow their own food and build incomes. Tree planting is also a great way to help heal the earth with increased oxygen production and diminished pollution as trees are natural detoxifiers!

Business In a Good Way

Eminence is also very proud to be a B Corporation company member and a part of an international group of companies that are recognised as using the power of business to do good. These companies give back to their local communities, they support charities and work towards a carbon-neutral environment. There are B Corporation companies are across the globe all doing their best to give back!

So, you can rest assured that every time you use Eminence skincare routine products you will be supporting all of these initiatives and here at The Skinsmith we truly thank you for your continued loyalty and business and thank you for planting so many trees!

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