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Eye Skincare

Eye Skincare: Why Is It So Important?

It is commonly said that the eyes are the window to the soul. As one of the focal points of the face, your eyes work hard throughout the day to help you communicate, express yourself, and navigate your way around.

The eyes are a sensitive area, however, and need extra TLC to keep looking and working well – especially as you age. The skin around the eyes is much thinner and more sensitive than other areas, and coupled with the fact that there are less oil glands within this area to keep it naturally hydrated, the skin around your eyes can become dry, darkened, puffy, and wrinkled over time.

With that being said, it is never too soon to help prevent the skin around your eyes from suffering from the effects of ageing with regular eye skincare. We have lined up some of the best eye skincare tips, tricks, and products to help you care for your eye area!

The Skinsmith’s Top Tips for Tackling Common Eye Skin Problems

There are four different types of common eye skin problems: ageing skin, irritated skin, dark circles, and puffiness. Here are our top tips for establishing an eye skincare routine with the most effective ingredients to help tackle these problems…

For Ageing Skin

Ageing skin often suffers from fine lines and wrinkles as the skin stops naturally producing collagen and loses elasticity. Combating wrinkles with an anti-ageing eye cream, often containing retinols and peptides to stimulate skin cell turnover and collagen production, can help alleviate these natural signs of ageing.

Eye creams are highly moisturising, particularly if they are emollient-based, which helps to rehydrate tired skin. When containing retinols (a vitamin A derivative) and peptides (amino acids), the moisturising effect is boosted with additional anti-ageing essentials.

For Irritated Skin

As mentioned, the skin around the eyes is particularly thin and sensitive, meaning irritated skin is a common problem. Irritated skin may often become red, sore, and flaky, and can take longer to repair due to the nature of the skin around the eyes.

For irritated skin, it is best to avoid eye skincare products which contain fragrances and preservatives; natural eye skincare products which help to soothe and hydrate the skin are best.

For Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes can be caused by many factors – from genetics to your sleep schedule. Some dark circles may be much harder to tackle because of this, so it’s worth taking the time to understand why you may have dark circles under your eyes.

Establishing a consistent sleep schedule (7-9 hours is recommended) and ensuring you drink enough water can help improve dark circles. Additional eye skincare products, such as those containing caffeine and vitamins C and K, can help lighten dark circles by improving blood circulation in this area.

For Puffy Skin

An accumulation of fluid around the eye can occur, especially overnight, leading to puffy skin around the eyes.

Tackling puffy skin with hydrating gels, masks, and rollers (all of which can be refrigerated for additional impact!) can help disperse fluid in the morning, ready for the day ahead. Eye skincare products containing green tea are great for this.

Skincare For Eyes: 3 Eye Skincare Products You Should Try

Now we’ve established what ingredients and routines work best for the most common eye problems, what products are available?

Skincare for eyes typically revolves around eye creams, eye gels, and eye serums.

Eye Creams

Eye creams are a cream-based product containing moisturising ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. Creams are typically applied at night where they can be slowly absorbed into the skin for a deeply moisturising effect.

Wondering how to tell what eye cream you need? Take a look at our in-depth guides regarding eye creams…

Eye Gels

As the name suggests, eye gels are a gel-based product, quickly absorbed into the skin for use in the day or under makeup; they leave a silkier feel on the skin compared to a cream.

Gels are best for soothing puffy eyes in the morning, or for a lighter moisturising alternative.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of eye gels? We take a more detailed look at the benefits of eye gels in our latest guide.

Under Eye Serum

Finally, eye serums are water- or gel-based products which is typically more concentrated in active ingredients than the above two products.

Eye serums can be used night or day to effectively tackle ageing or problematic skin around the eyes, penetrating deep into the skin for ultimate impact.

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