Citrus Exfoliating Wash

A gel wash for normal to oily skin.


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A gel wash for normal to oily skin, Citrus Exfoliating Wash gently exfoliates and cleanses in one easy step. Fresh lime juice removes impurities, while grapefruit seed and silica leave skin luminously clear.

Size: 125ml

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Put 5p size amount of cleanser into palm of hand and add a few drops of water.  Mix between palms and massage into skin, ideally for 2 minutes. Remove with clean, damp cloth or rinse thoroughly.

  • Lime Juice: high in vitamin C and antioxidants, astringent, helps minimise the look of pores
  • Grapefruit Seed and Peel: antioxidant, natural cleanser
  • Shea Butter Extract: revitalises and repairs the look of skin via moisture
  • Silica: gentle mechanical buffing action
  • The skin is perfectly cleansed and gently exfoliated
  • Pore size appear minimised