Calm Skin Arnica Masque

Soothing and calming masque for sensitive and rosacea prone skin types.


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Get out of the red and into the clear by calming the appearance of rosacea naturally with soothing marigold, ivy and arnica. Signs of redness are minimised with organic ingredients aimed to detoxify the skin and reduce inflamation and irritation. Clinically proven to reduce skin redness in just 14 days!

Size: 60ml

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Put 1 tspn of product into palm of hand, mix with water to get consistency across both palms, then apply to skin and leave on for 5 minutes. Remove with clean, damp cloth. If the masque starts to dry, apply wet hands to skin to re-moisten the masque.

  • Arnica: cleanser
  • Marigold: gently soothes, cleans and moisturises the skin’s appearance
  • Shea Butter: moisturiser high in triglycerides and fatty acids, replenishes moisture in the skin
  • Ivy Leaf: nutrient, antioxidant; source of high potency vitamin C
  • Horse Chestnut: tones the skin’s appearance
  • The appearance of skin redness is reduced
  • Skin appears calmed
  • Complexion appears toned and enriched

Results are enhanced when using entire Calm Skin VitaSkin™ Solution