Blue Light Protection

Digital wellbeing is a hot topic right now.  According to the latest Ofcom report, we now spend a total of one day a week online – that’s more than 3 hours per day and twice as long back in 2017!  We’re also finding it hard to shut down for the ‘fear of missing out’. Research shows our phones are the first and last thing we see each day, with 65% of UK adults under 35 looking at their phone within 5 minutes of waking up and 60% of us checking our phones 5 minutes before going to bed!

With so many digital devices at our fingertips, as well as a negative effect on our wellbeing, it can also lead to a negative effect on our skin too. 

The main source of blue light we’re exposed to comes from the sun but the blue light (also referred to as High Energy Visible OR HEV light) emitted from our computer screens, TV screens and digital devices are swiftly being labelled as silent agers of our generation. Blue light can lead to premature ageing, hyperpigmentation and redness. It’s also been suggested that as blue light penetrates the skin it can lead to DNA damage causing inflammation and the breakdown of healthy collagen and elastin.

Blue light is also thought to compromise our skin as we sleep – if exposed to significant amounts of blue light at night it can impact the natural circadian rhythm of our skin cells, causing skin cells to continue to ‘think’ it is daytime, impacting their natural night-time repair process, which can lead to visible signs of ageing such as dark under-eye circles.”

There are plenty of products on the market that protect our eyes from blue light, but Eminence Organic Skin Care have a NEW saviour for your skin – Lilikoi Mineral Defense Collection!

Lilikoi Light Defense Face Primer SPF23 is a lightweight illuminating primer to protect your skin from blue light and the sun. Layer the primer after your moisturiser or use it as a protective base before applying makeup. 

Lilikoi Mineral Defense Moisturiser SPF33 is a lightweight, easy to apply moisturiser to protect your skin from the sun and environmental stressors. Packed with antioxidants to shield your skin from the effects of free radicals and pollution, this moisturiser finishes with no white cast, leaving a fresh natural finish.

As well as using New Lilikoi Mineral Defense Collection, you can also achieve a tech-life balance for your wellbeing with simple steps like:

  • Ensuring you have a lunch break away from screens (including handheld devices)
  • Taking time out from one social media channel at a time
  • Turning your phone off at dinner time
  • Banning tech from the bedroom


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Lilikoi Mineral Defense Collection