On Sunday 18th June, we celebrate fathers – the men who have made an important impact on our lives. Whether the man you look up to is your dad, husband, a father figure or even your grandfather – they all deserve the very best this Father’s Day

Instead of buying him a stereotypical set of golf clubs, tie, or shaving kit this year, why not treat Dad to the gift of healthy skin? Every father is unique so here’s our take on three types of dads and our pick of Éminence products tailored to suit his lifestyles needs.


The Outdoor Dad is always up for adventure. You’ll find him cycling, hiking, gardening or doing anything that involves a healthy dose of fresh air. Although outdoor dads are generally physically fit - the condition of their skin might tell another story. Constant exposure to the elements - like the sun, wind or rain - might leave their skin dry, weathered and often sun damaged. 

To protect against UV damage, a sun care product like Tropical Vanilla Day Cream SPF32 is an essential for outdoor dads. After a day outside, Rosehip & Lemongrass Soothing Hydrator for Face & Body is another must-have product to help restore and replenish the skin. This lightweight moisturiser contains a Natural Repair Complex to hydrate, repair and reduce redness caused by dryness, especially after exposure to the elements. 


The Career Dad is busy. You’ll find him rushing to his next meeting, braving rush hour traffic and spending plenty of time traveling from one airport to the next. Career dads are generally no-nonsense and they look for convenience and quality when it comes to their techy gadgets and even their skin care needs. 

A career dad is often balancing family life with early morning workouts and late night meetings so for him, a few dark circles around his eyes are just a normal part of life. To combat tired, puffy eyes, we recommend soothing Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream.  For skin care on the go, Bright Skin Starter Set comes to the rescue. Packaged in a convenient travel case, this set is a full skin care routine (cleanser, moisturiser, masque and serum) that fits perfectly in Dad’s suitcase.


The Relaxed Dad, is a laid-back, no-fuss kind of guy. He enjoys staying close to home and spending quality time with his family, walking the dog, watching the football, or reading a good book. Most relaxed dads prefer a BBQ with a few close friends over a fancy dinner, and they definitely want to keep things simple when it comes to their skin care routine. 

When we think of products for relaxed dads, we think convenience and simplicity. A few  multi-tasking products like Citrus Exfoliating Wash and Rice Milk 3 in 1 Cleansing Water are the perfect match for an easygoing dad's skin care routine. 

Why not check out more great ideas with our selection of products to keep his skin feeling revitalised!